Daniela Gill


Toys for Boys Miami LLC.

Toys for Boys Boutique Privee is a luxury boutique and private collection for today’s high net worth individual that was founded in 2013. Considered to be the first of its kind in the region. The boutique is focused on giving Miami’s elite clientele the opportunity to enjoy some of the most extravagant one-of-a-kind luxury artifacts, unveiled behind closed doors to protect our customers privacy, located at Wynwood, Miami.

PROJECTS DATES: 2013 & 2017

Link: www.toysforboysmagazine.com

INDUSTRY: Luxury Goods & Jewelry

CAPABILITIES: Brand & Identity Design | Brand Strategy | Brand Management


To design the new brand, identitylogo and it's applications tailored to the personality and philosophies of the company. 


The main challenge was to design a brand identity capable of conveying the playfulness of the meaning behind the name Toys for Boys and at the same time portraying sophistication. 


I was inspired by classic accessories high net worth individuals would wear, such as a tie. The shape of the “T” represents such and I interlaced it with the “B” in order to create an iconic, recognizable and dynamic shape.

Colors chosen represent elegancy, formality, poise and finesse. These concepts were translated across the array of applications I designed and produced for the brand making the costumers clearly recognize the key values and services and products Toys for Boys provides. 






Signage & Retail Design


Social Media