Daniela Gill


Styling by Fabiana Gill Brand & Identity Design

Fashion blogger and stylist, based in Miami.


INDUSTRY: Fashion & Lifestyle

CAPABILITIES: Brand & Identity Design | Brand Strategy | Brand Management


To design the new brand, identity, logo and it's applications.

Design the stationary system along with delivery bags.

To carry the brand through to social media platforms: Design custom skins, favicons & avatars for the following: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr & Twitter.


I was inspired by retro, neon lights typography designs from the 1980's since Fabiana Gill has admired the style since the beginning of her career. She has always been a fan of the signage designs found around Miami's iconic Ocean Drive and her aspiration was to visually convey this style on her logo.

I designed the typeface along with icons to represent the brand's essence used in different printed and digital applications. I chose a vibrant color palette in order to portray her energy and eclectic style. 



Print Applications


Social Media