Daniela Gill



Cu-rio is an immersive, fantastical, office cubicle belonging to a dreamy copywriter named Lola.


LINK: www.cargocollective.com/cu-rio


INDUSTRY: Interaction Design

CAPABILITIES: Brand & Identity Design | Environmental design |Interactive Installation | UX  | Product design | Physical Computing | Storytelling


To design and create an inviting, engaging and interactive installation that addresses the possible problems with cubicle living.


To make the interactive installation educational, satirical and amusing. 


Cu-rio is an interactive art installation based on a series of fictional stories that are narrated through the eyes of Lola, the main character while also commenting critically on the everyday life in cubicle office spaces. Surreal artifacts inhabit the space and are designed in order for the public to interact with them.

*Project done in collaboration with Youmna Aoukar.




Being a collaborative project, we both worked together every step of the way in each and every single aspect of the installation. Since the beginning stages of concept development, user experience design, prototyping, and later video production, physical computing and production of the booth we both complemented each other and had interchangeable rolls at all time. One single responsibility I had was to design the brand identity. I was inspired by the playfulness and whimsical aspects of our concept.

 The booth: A transportation device into the story of Lola


The artifacts: A dream-like experience in different colors, textures and materials.

The viewer will discovers Lola’s daily trials and tribulations through sounds and videos that react to objects embedded in the space.Little by little the public will connect the dots between bits and pieces of the story and realize that these objects are actually invented by Lola.Throughout the experience, the viewer will enter a fictional world where play, humor, drama and critical thinking will be combined into one singular experience.


Interaction Design and User Experience Diagram


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